Big Expensive Choices, Which game system should you buy? Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii

Of course if you can afford it, you should own all systems with Xbox 360 being the last system you consider owning (I will explain why later on in the post). I think the best system this generation is Nintendo DS. But I don’t think I have to convince anyone of that since Nintendog sell three times more than Modern Warfare 2.

I think there should be more people playing PC games rather than console game, even though it was revealed recently that PC gamers only make up of 3% of the market. Now I think this is just because most PC gamer download their games. You’re almost an idiot if you buy real game. I mean, come on. If you buy PC games, you are not that much of a tech wiz.

As the matter of fact, I think a smart person would own a Wii and a PC that’s it.

That’s because 80% of the games on the market that are on PS3 and XBox are also available on PC. A person like me who is a motion graphic designer already need a powerful system for work. So my computer is more than powerful enough to handle any games. Why should I buy PS3 or xbox 360 which cost several hundred dollars, when I have a perfectly fine system on my desk that can play the same games?

Of course I will miss out on games like Metal Gear Solid4, God of War III, Final XIII (but from what I heard, I don’t miss much on that one) etc. But you will miss out more if you don’t own a Wii, because most of the games on that system is exclusive to that system. My brother don’t own PS3 and Xbox360, but he gets to play Left4Dead, Modern Warfare2, Dead Space, Bioshock and all the other popular games including Street Fighter 4. As far as I know there is no Tatsunoko vs Capcom on a PC. It’s almost silly to buy PS3 or Xbox 360 just for 4 or 5 exclusive games. My friend and I, neither of us owned PS3, but we played God of War III at my local video game cafe. It was good. Actually it was great. But it’s not 400 something bucks (I can’t keep track of all the price cuts) for a system plus the cost of the game, great.

Why is Xbox360 a bad investment? Simple. Almost all of the games on Xbox360 are on PC, even more so than Playstation 3. If you have a perfectly fine computer that you use for work and school that can play games like Modern Warfare 2, Crysis, Gears of War series, and even Halo; does it make sense to buy another system to play those games?


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The Kid Was Problaby Thinking: “Heh heh. Isn’t me being racist funny?” Too bad the answer is NO

There are two things you have to know about me. First, as an artist I think censorship of any form is never okay. Two, I think racism is one of the worst, if the not THE worst thing in the world.

At a Wal-Mart in New Jersey, while people were shopping and go about their day, a voice came on that said “All Black People Leave the Store Now”. Of course this pissed off a lot of people. They were offended; some were crying. What upset me then was that they didn’t find out who did it right away. Do Wal-Mart have no control over who speaks at their intercom? Well today we found out; it was a 16 year old kid who apparently thought racism is funny.

Racism is so not funny, even Eminem wouldn’t dare use the “N” word. Think about that.

If you are not a casual net surfer, and you have dug deep into various sites and message boards, especially those filled with teenagers and college nerds (let’s face it, we are all college nerds now) it’s almost impossible to not have come across some racism and sexism content. Racism, sexism, and homophobia are making a big comeback due to the anonymity of the internet.

Nobody said anything because, one, the person who write/say those things can never be tracked down; acting offended will only make the matters worst. Two, I don’t think these people are really racist or sexist; they are just attention whores. So we, as part of internet community, let it pass. We never think there would be anybody dumb enough to carry that kind of attention seeking stupidity onto the real world.

Apparently this 16 year old kid is dumb enough.

And don’t even get me started on how this is just a prank. Racism is not like putting a bag of dog poo in front of a house and lit it on fire. Racism and homophobia terrorizes people. It make them feel not safe in the city they have been living in their entire lives. It makes them fear for their family, and in some case ashamed of their entire existence. The people inside that store suffered some real trauma because of this ‘prank’. I

I’ll bet the kid didn’t think it was a going to be a big deal (or may be he really is a racist, who knows). He certainly is a stupid jerk, and he does deserve 1 year in prison that he is up for. If the guy is not 16 but instead a 30 something, people could have stomped him to death and I wouldn’t mind. But I think he’s just a victim of this new culture where we try to push the boundaries of what we can do or say, just for the sake of offending people, and not actually trying to say what we really mean.

I hope he doesn’t get the maximum sentence. I’m just glad that we as a society still think racism is unacceptable. But we don’t need to hang him as an example. A human being’s entire future is at stake here.

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And Now, Back to Middle East

After Obama adding more troops to Afghanistan, earthquake happening in Chlie and Haiti, and Health Care reform going through its final phase back at home; Israel and Palestinians were worried that the world are not paying attention to their 4 decades long feud anymore. Tiger Wood sex scandals and Lady Gaga’s new music video don’t help the situation.

Well, surprise! Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were both caught off guard when they found out that Israel doesn’t really put peace with Palestinians.  The only thing funnier is that Israel is surprised that Obama Administration is comdemning their dick move. I mean, when do these people get so cocky that they don’t think they don’t have to wear the mask of victims anymore?

Just like Bush Administration who called their attacker unpatriotic traitors, AIPAC are more than ready to called Obama Administration anti-semetic and condemn his condemnation; not looking at themselves at all and realize what an assholes their decision to built housing in the disputed region is. And their excuse is that, oh, this little plans of theirs, it will go up for a vote. I mean, no matter how much it disrupt the peace process as long as it’s democracy America will be okay with it right? Just like when Californian vote for Prop8! Here’s a thing. When the issue is regarding human and civil rights? MAJORITY OPINION DOESN’T MATTER! If we go by majority opinion segregation may never get lifted. Flavor Flav would be dead by now since everyone seems to want to kill him.
I’m not saying Israel doesn’t want peace. I’m saying a bunch of old geezer from Cold War generation who are running Israel doesn’t want peace. And the old geezers on the Palestinian side who are sending young Palestinians to die and brainwash them with BS cartoons don’t want peace either. How do I know? These jackasses from that particular generation exist everywhere. In the US, I’m sure in Africa, in South America, in Europe, and even in my country. Right now Bangkok, Thailand is underseige by anti-government protestors. And the protestors are driven by people from that generation: the instigators of every major conflict in the country who are just simply refusing to die!

These old mofo’s don’t want peace. War is their job. They don’t have battle scars because they know how to avoid battle. How do you think they survive to be that old? They literally step on the graves of others to survive. Obama, someone who is not from that generation will never understand. May be that’s a good thing we didn’t get John McCain.
People from that generation are racist, homophobic, war-loving, close minded bigots. My parents are that way too (my friends who are reading this, I’m a 3rd son of the family and my parents are slightly older than your parents). But then you say well what about all the liberal old folks. There are some out there. Those guys I believe are very honorable. Because I bet that when they come out to fight for the rights of minorities and people with different sexual orientation, in their heart they are not really agreeing with themselves.

I mean, one of the nicest guy from that generation is Harry Reid. And what did we just found out he called Obama during the campaign?

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The Parable of Zeus vs Odin: AKA, The Tea Party Protesters vs Obama

Now I hope most people know the deal with the Democrats’ tax policy. To simplify it to the point of it being dangerously inaccurate, Democrat will tax the hell out of you if you make more than 200,000 a year. Now that sounds unfair, right? Why is the Democrat party punishing the rich? Is it a sin for a hard working American to succeed? Isn’t Capitalism supposed to reward those that are up top?

First, you have to ask yourself this: As an average American, unless you are driving for one, how often do meet someone who makes more than 200,000 a year? Think about that before you answer. If you go to a party and you meet someone who told you he made $5,000 a month, your have to ask… dude, what do you do for a living? The national median total salary for a single American household is 3,600 a month. Hell, a lot of people I know make 1,500. Do you know how much do you have to make per month to make 200,000 a year? 16,666 dollars a month! At least. What occupation gives you that kind of salary?

If I make more than 16,000 a month, and I vote Democrat (which, I probably would), people would then have the right to call me an idiot. “Hey Panasit, Obama is turning your 16,000 monthly salary and turned it into 8,000! And you are still going to reelect him? Are you insane? Do you have a crush on the guy? Do you want to suck his dick?”

Well, that’s a story for another post. The point of this post is, what is going on with the tea party protesters is unnatural. It goes against the cycle! The cycle that makes American Democracy work! What is the cycle? Well let me explain.

The Republican and Democrat cycle should go like this. At least in my humble opinion. when the country is filled with poor people and there are few wealthy people flaunting their money around (kind of like now), it’s natural for the poors to elect the party that is good to them, the Democrat. Then the Democrat will tax the rich and be kind to the poor until there is a healthy chunk of middle class American. These middle class people suddenly has amnesia and forgot what it was like to be poor 4 years ago. So now they are looking at Democrat plans and go “why do I have to pay for some immigrant kids’ free lunches?”. So them and their selfish cold patriotic heart rightfully vote for Republican congressmen and presidents. And when Republican cut tax, ease bank regulation, and start a war; the cycle starts over.

But do you know that the Tea Party protesters are going against the cycle? It’s because the Tea Party protesting FOR the rich. These are poor people, fighting for the right of the rich. I think the biggest tragedy is that they don’t even realize it. There is no way the tea party protesters can make 16,000 a month. They don’t even look like they know how to spell ‘cantaloupe’. So Obama tax is not effecting them (kind of like how Bush tax cut didn’t really effect them,lol). But they think that it does. And nobody is correcting them. Not even the Democrat.

THE PARABLE OF ZEUS vs ODIN:Let’s pretend that America is a jungle and think of rich people as lions, and poor people as deers. Obviously there has to be more deers than there are lions. With less deers, lions would be starving very soon. It’s a simple concept but if a tea party protester is reading this… well, take your time, nobody is perfect.

Then suddenly, two gods come down. Zeus and Odin. They are really same person, but let say they are different. They are running for election, and the animals have to pick one.

Zeus policy favors the deer: Zeus is telling the lions that they are allow to kill and eat only the sickly deer, the dying deer, the old weak and useless deer. And they can’t hunt every day.

Odin policy favors the lion: Odin says that it is the lion’s right to eat whatever deer they want to. They should be able to eat the strong deer, the fat deer, and especially fawns. And they should hunt as often as they want. Why not? They are the king of the jungle.

The tea party protesters, and why they are so unnatural, is because I see them as this. They are a group of deers who turn to Zeus and said the following: “Zeus, how can you be so unfair to the lion. I’m going to vote for Odin!”

– Panasit

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Torture Ended

The following statement was posted by a guy who is in favor of torture.

He asked, “What if the relatives of those who are against torture got kidnapped, and no matter how much we interrogated the culprit he just wouldn’t talk. What will we do then? Huh? Huh?”

Here’s what people have to understand. The rules that said “we don’t torture” is there not because we don’t like torturing people. On a contrary, we would love to torture. I would love to torture. But there are reasons why we have to be against it. Two reasons actually.

1) Torture does not work

2) When our troops get captured, we do not want them to get tor…… wait, let’s go back to the first one.

Torture does not work

Let’s type that again: Torture does not work.

Let’s type it 3 times in a roll. Torture does not work. Torture does not work. TORTURE DOES NOT WORK

Last time in bold, torture does not work.

It has been proven in reports after reports that torture does not work. So now lets go back to the what-if scenarios. Let say my family members, god forbid, did get kidnapped. And the guy won’t talk. Tell me, how is getting “wrong” information out of him going to help me get my family back?

And there’s no bigger proof than the Gitmo report for why torture does not work. Every single reliable intel come from the detainees prior to being tortured. So torture, something that is being press forward by the Bush administration as necessary (although they won’t admit it, they claimed they didn’t torture, they waterboarded) … did not work. Which satisfy the reason number one as to why we don’t torture. IT DOES NOT WORK.

Sure, it worked on 24 and Alias. But those are TV Shows. In real life the end does not justify the means because there is no END. It does not work. If it worked, we would do it.

Releasing the information now will make the country less safe.

No shit Sherlock! So don’t freaking do them next time. Why would you do something that a) does not work  and b) make the country less safe when people found out about it. And don’t even act like the anti-torture people were the ones who took the pictures. For some sadistic reason or whatever, the torturers were the ones who took the picture themselves.

Desperate time calls for desperate measures.

I think Jon Stewart of The Daily Show said it best.  I can understand using unconventional means to get results during desperate times. But then US military (who are short on people by the way) fired 26 gay linguists.  So I guess the situation is not THAT desperate. Or desperate enough for torture, but not enough to be able to tolerate “the gays”.  No matter how many times you interrogate the detainees, it won’t mean a damn thing if you can’t understand their confession.

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Gun Owners Are so Afraid of Obama, They Want to Commit Crimes While They Still Can

First, what’s with all the familicide in 2009?

  • Troy Ryan Bellar, May 04, 2009, killed his wife, two sons, and himself.
  • William Parente, April 19-20, 2009, killed his wife, two daughters, and himself.
  • Christopher Alan Wood, April 18, 2009, killed his wife (Francis Billotti-Wood), two sons, daughter, and himself.
  • Ervin Lupoe, January 26, 2009, killed his wife (Ana Lupoe), two sons, three daughters, and himself

Let me ask, where the hell do these people get the balls? Why don’t they just kill themselves? What’s with the “those people can’t live without me?” mentality that they have. Isn’t that kind of conceded? The phrase “I can’t live without you” supposed to be a complement.  I’m more than sure they could have survived without someone who would want to take an easy way out and not face the problem.

And the media blame all these murder suicide and other shootings on the economy.  Yes, the economic recession, the one that Bush claimed Clinton started yet he sat on it for 8 years, and spend the last two years of his presidency telling everybody the economy is fine, there’s no recession, there’s no recession, there’s no recession.

The Gun Nuts Are Afraid of Obama

There was a post on Americablog a  couple of months ago where a gun instructor asked which of his students voted for Obama. The people who raised their hands were kicked out of the class. Now the whole thing is retarded of course, but let examine what the guy think Obama is going to do. And whatever he thought, many people agreed

The gun sales sky rocketed. 65% more buyers. And what’s funny is, these people argument in favor of gun is that it ist there to prevent crime. This of course is supported by the fact that the number of shooting spree ALSO increase exponentially.

And you know, the gun buyers said they wanted to buy guns to protect themselves from criminals with guns. Wow. So, as the home owner and the invaders are trying to kill each other in a shoot out, at least both side can find comfort in knowing that neither voted for Obama.

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The Car Companies – They Have It Coming

For a lot of people, (including me) it looked as if Obama is bullying the auto makers.

But before we go there, I want to talk about my personal feeling towards the “car issues”.  And this feeling of mine exist long before the financial crisis ever got into full swing.

Each month an American family buy approximately 4 or 5 DVDs, 2 or 3 books and CDs,  and probably 10 set of new clothes. So it doesn’t make any sense to me that on TV no matter what channel, there are more car commercials than commercials for DVD, books, video games, and music COMBINED. Who are these people that buy 4 or 5 cars every month? Most people I know who are in their 40’s and 50’s have owned only 2-3 cars in their lifetime.

There are way too many cars in this country

I used to live DC Metro Area. There was an HOV2 lane on 270. HOV2 lanes mean that any vehicle with more than 2 passengers is allowed to use it. You know, to speed up the traffic. The HOV2 lane, ladies and gentlemen, is always EMPTY!

That means that every car that is clogging up the other 4 lanes of the highway are all one car per person. That’s insane! People! You can’t have 1 car per 1 person. That’s just not possible. There’s barely room enough for human being on foot. We can’t make room for millions on car. There are 2 millions people in Virginia over driving age. What if all of them have cars?

BUT THEN! You say. If they want cars, how can anyone tell them not to get a car? Who are we to tell them not to buy a car? The answer is very easy.

Everybody who want big screen TV,  PS3, and super fast computer can get what they want, if they have the means to pay for it. That’s what should stop them, MONEY. Problem with the car industry? People who can’t afford to buy cars are still driving cars. That is insane. That destroyed the entire idea of Capitalism. People with bad credits are taking out loans on their cars just like people do with houses, and the insurance companies just can’t freaking handle the weight anymore.

When there are more cars, unpaid for too by the way, cities that are out of expansion room (because they are islands) like DC and Manhattan are packed with traffic. Urban areas keep expanding. More trees get cut off and more parking lot built. Oil price getting higher and higher. And when all these happened, the car companies just can’t seem to understand the problem. They were like: “We don’t have a clue. We thought our sales number are just going to go up and up and up. I thought people would buy cars forever.” They don’t have a clue.

Well, Obama is not going to take “don’t have a clue” for an answer.

Of course GM and Chrysler’s reports aren’t going to satisfy Obama administration. They live in a fantasy world. They said “people love cars and we love selling them”. Somebody please tell them that car is not like shirts and hats where you can buy many of them, store them in your closet, and used each one for the different day of the week. Car is not like that. Nobody drive Audi on Monday and drive Chevy on Tuesday.

But believe it or not, their motto was, as long as we build cars there will be people who are going to buy them. Are they going to pretend that people with worse and worse credit are able to get their hands on cars and then… oh I don’t know, pay on time?

The car companies could have given Obama a crayon drawing of the unicorn in place of their forecast. And this looks bad for Obama, having his people going in there and tell them how to run the proper company and force them to let go of unprofitable department.  But he is doing it to show that he’s not just going to abandon the companies outright, even if it means he will look like a big government posing socialist policy onto a great American company. He’s not. He’s being way too nice.

What Obama threatened the auto-makers with, I would just do it without giving them a chance. Having them running around trying to reorganize themselves knowing that it is impossible is just too damn cruel.

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