The Christian Bale’s F-Bombs

A lot of people are giving Christian Bale a really hard time with this. Some say they were disappointed others said they couldn’t believe it. They are dissing him for this much worse than when he did the so-called verbal assault on his step mother.

Since I am a movie director I think I know what’s going on. And I also know why most people don’t understand. Why would Christian Bale feel the need to cuss out someone like that?

Well, acting is hard. It’s really hard.

That’s why they get paid so much money. They wouldn’t be rich if just anyone can do their job. If you ever have to give a speech in front of  a camera while it is rolling, you will know the pressure. That pressure is ten times more when you are a movie star.

So now that you know it is hard, would you like it if someone ruin your work?

My job is entertainment. And for a lot of people, it looks… it looks hard, what I do. Motion graphic, etc. But it also looks fun. So they always think I have a lot of free time, or when I am doing something they think they can interrupt me. Of course I never drop the F-bombs, but boy did I want to.

Most Actors Are Like This

There is a fact that the general public don’t know about the Hollywood actors. Most of those guys who you see talking to interviewee in the behind the scenes footage, laughing and complimenting the actors, they are not really themselves, at least according to some people I know in Hollywood. Actors are self absorb foul mouthed arrogant bunch of people. And in a weird way, they have the right to be.  If other people can’t bring themselves to understand that, fine. But the people who should understand that are the people belong in the film crew.  One of my professors told me once when she was younger he got fired by Brad Pitt because the water in the cups my professor handed him wasn’t cold enough, or something like that. It was all hearsay though, I don’t want to be accused of slandering Benjamin Button.

Before I made my very first movie, my professor warned me, you have got to take care of the actors. I thought, well these actors are all my friends you know. They just do what I tell them, they’ll have fun, and then afterward we’ll watch the movie together. Boy was I wrong. They were exhuasted. One of the girl was crying because she couldn’t remember her lines. I mean we had to worry about a lot of things as a film crew. Lights were changing, people walk into the set, suddenly drilling noise comes from out of nowhere, etc. The actors are as annoyed as the directors, but they are the one who are acting. They are in the scene. So it’s very physical for them, even if I didn’t ask them to jump on the table. It still takes a toll on them.

In the Long Run, It’s Good to Have an Actor Who Care About the Movie

And then you look at Christian Bale. Simply put he’s an amazing actor. He picked and chose his project and it’s obvious he’s always serious about the work he was doing. He lost 62 lb just for a role in Machinist. He ate only apple and coffee for 4 months. And this guy, a film crew member, he walks into the set.  I mean, I’m not saying what he did was appropriate. But I understand.

But the bad language! The Language!

They say that kind of language is not appropriate in any situation. That’s ridiculous. What kind of language? There are worst things coming out of  the mouths of middle school kids during their lunch break. They said Bale is setting up a bad example of the kids and is being a bad role model.

Fact is, that taped shouldn’t have been made public.  And it was so long ago after the incident too.  If your kids heard it, blame the people who made it public.  Like all things, curse words have a purpose. I don’t use them, but I know the reasons for them. It’s to relief stress. It’s to help a person display his or her contempt over something as strong as possible. People in loading dock used it. Cops used them. Even teachers in teacher’s lounge used them. Christian Bale was taped. He was set up.

May Be He Was Just In Character

As a joke, many blog posts and news article refer to Bale as Batman. “Batman Has a Bad Mouth”. Etc. But let me tell you something: if Batman really exist, he will curse a lot. You can’t strike fear into the heart of criminal saying “I begged your pardon, where are the kidnapped children?”.



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