Chris Brown beats up Rihanna

There Once Was a Poem

I used to read a poem once. It was not profound or anything but it was sort of clever. It said that human beings, when we have a positive affection for something, we always try to ruin it or hurt it. Like if we like a flower we would pluck it. If we think the beach is beautiful we want to go in there and make a mess. And the poem ended with “I don’t want to be loved”.

So what is it about us humans that make us want to hurt things that we cared about? So I have a theory. May be, we just want a reaction from that person. Like, my friend used to have a dog, and he told me one of the things he like to do is squish its nose with his toes. Of course the dog is annoyed, but he likes the fact that it was annoyed. May be it’s kind of like how we teased kids and caused them to be scared of ghost or some lies we told them. May be we just want to have that sense of… like we have an impact on that person. Because we love that person. You know, it’s hard to explain.

But that’s not domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is a whole other beast. I don’t see how what Chris Brown did to Rihanna can contain any affection. I mean I saw a picture. How can you love someone but then do THAT?

What Chris Did

You shouldn’t do that to anyone, let alone your girlfriend. I means has Chris Brown been beating up random guys regularly and then move that violent rage on to his girlfriend? No. He didn’t beat up anyone else. He just beats HER. The woman he claims he loves.

I’m not saying Chris Brown is the criminal of the century. There are men like him out there. But that doesn’t make it right. And these days and age? And Rihanna? This whole thing just rubs me the wrong way from the beginning. The first time I heard the story I was shocked. I think my friends were all shocked too. Shocked or not know what hey are, two reactions.

Why Do I (or We) Find This all so Shocking?

Why did we (or just me) felt that Chris Brown was so much of a boy next door kind of guy and  Rihanna was such a strong independent woman? May be because they are both young. Chris Brown has a lot of support from the older generation of R&B artists, so I thought, he must be a nice humble kid that listen to his seniors. And Rihanna she seems independent. She didn’t make stupid comments on the news. She hung out with a lot of other artists twice her age yet never be talked down on. And then this happened.

It shows how much what we thought we know about celebrity can be wrong. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those people who is obsessed with celebrity. But these two. I don’t remember a day last year when I turned on a radio and didn’t hear either one of their songs. Now, I can’t stomach Chris Brown’s songs and Rihanna’s songs just make me sad.

“You can tell a lot about a man by looking at how he treats women” –  the Sopranos.

– Panasit


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