Responsibility and Accountability IS NOT Socialism

I think the Conservatives, specifically the Bankers who asked for billions in bail out money but then reward themselves billions of dollars in bonuses and party with champaign and private jets after laying off millions of workers… are really pissed off at Obama. When asked by reporters on the street who are stressful over Obama (wait wait, let me laugh first. Ah ha ha ha ha) they scornfully tell the reporters with a face that looks like they get caught with their pants down “this is socialism”

It’s not Socialism. The same way just being selfish and greedy doesn’t automatically makes you a capitalist. Just an opportunist whose luck has runs out.

If You Don’t Want Government to Have A Say In How You Spend Money, Then Don’t Take Money From Them

Even in the most capitalist state, you don’t borrow money from someone without making a case, how you are going to spend it, and how you are going to pay it back. Wanting to know how you will spend it, and criticizing you for not spending it unwisely (and in a very ugly way) is not Socialism. It’ s Common Sense.

I think what the conservatives are thinking is: it’s either we can monopolize and run our competitors out of business while we make billions and billions of dollars or we are communist handing out freebies to neighbors under the watchful eyes of government.

Capitalism Will Fail If The People Keep Abusing  It

These people don’t understand middle ground. They don’t even know the meaning of the word “enough”.

They don’t understand the idea that giving to receive. I used to think like that. I think everyone should be charitable, but the government shouldn’t force you to be. But seeing how greedy these oil execs and these bankers are… I mean the people who come up with capitalist understand the healthiness of the competition but really underestimate people’s selfishness.

You can’t force selflessness on anyone, but we can’t let them run our country to the ground either. We are not communist or socialist. We don’t need them to work for the commonwealth. But if these church going so-called conservative values sons of bitches can’t even understand the idea that their own employees are starving and their neighbors have to pretty much look under their mattress for coins to buy food… while they are drinking champagne. I mean, this whole thing is unprecedented.

Everything that I thought I knew back when I was in school is all gone. I know capitalism will bring out the selfishness in people, and I know that it will be A LOT, but not this much. I hate communism and love democracy and capitalism. But these guys sure know how to abuse the hell out of the system.


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