Chris Brown and Rihanna Continues: Forgive, Back Together, Engaged, Marriage? Oh and Court Appearance.

Why are so many people “mad” at Rihanna?

I started to notice a lot of people are “mad” or “disappointed” at Rihanna. What the hell did she do wrong? It’s Like something out of one of those Lifetime “the world is unfair towards women” original movie, they say she probably had it coming.What in the world could a woman have done to possibly have THAT (referring to the photo) coming? Some people say she’s being a bad role model. What is a good role model? Not get beaten? And then finally there’s the “she hit Chris Brown first”. I have no idea where that came from, but Chris Brown didn’t call the police did he? His face doesn’t look like bruised melon was it? Rihanna is not on trial is she?

You Don’t Do That To Anyone. Not Even To Another Dude, Let Alone Your Girlfriend.

This is like back then when women who used to get raped was accused of “asking for it” for dressing provocatively. This is so unfair and such an outdated attitude. We got Kanye West and others coming out to support Chris Brown “you don’t know the whole story”. I don’t. All I saw was her face in the photo.  There’s no excuse for that! Unless her body was taken over by a demon and Chris was heroically beating it out of her… it’s still wrong.

Then there’s this: They got back together!

Rihanna Hear Chris’s Apology, We Didn’t.

I was so shocked. I wasn’t shocked that she would get back together with a guy who beats her. Women do that. But I didn’t think she would do it knowing that the whole world is watching. And don’t celebrity couples usually break up with each other for a lot less?

The thing about women going back to the men who abused them, the public has to realize,  the issue is not a simple one. They had history. We are watching from the sideline so yeah, we can comment, but we don’t really know how she felt.  Not only do we only know not even near half of the whole story, we don’t really understand their relationship.

But Oprah was right, he hits you once he will hit you again. The boy was 19!

Chris Brown comes from bad home. He witnessed his step father beating his mom

He also stated that he hated his step father. Why imitate someone you hate?

Look, Physical attack is like the last draw for any relationship. But I can’t say my beliefs are more accurate than hers. I mean, who am I? I think throughout all this Rihanna’s dad is very patient. When he came out and said that he support Rihanna’s decision, something else had to be up. I don’t know what it is, and this is not a celebirty gossip blog, just a news blog. So I’m not going to guess or start a rumor.



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