Obama Lifted Stem Cell Restriction

Previously on Stem Cell

The Bush Administration was not to keen on the prospect of stem cell research.  They even paraded children born from stem cells into the congress to show them off.  They let these kids draw pictures of their stem cells brother and sisters, with one congressman pointing out “this stem cells in the picture said, ‘What? Are you gonna kill me?” WOW, I was laughing and crying at the same time. Looking back, the last 8 years had been hilarious. You know, until the dead bodies start piling up.

Either Trash Can or the Lab

Pretty much this is a debate of when life begins. I mean, that’s why they brought in the stem cell kids. They wanted the people to think of stem cells as children. However, they forgot 2 things.

1) Most stem cells goes to the trash anyway. As the matter of fact, millions of stem cells were thrown away each year. The scientist just want to study those. Actually, most likely they probably won’t. If they go forward with the research they will probably get fresh stem cells. But since Bush banned ALL types of research, even researching on the thrown away stem cells are forbidden. So Bush’s people pretty much think that a trash can is a better place for stem cells than a lab.

2) Those kids that come from stem cells? They wouldn’t be here had it not been for Stem Cell Research.

Why do I think this is about abortion? I noticed that before Bush left, they were trying to push the idea that Birth Control is equal to abortion. Pretty much, condom is murder. Their definition of where life begin keeps moving up. I’m not even going to joke about how this all can turn into a campaign of not kissing before marriage. I honestly think it will make them happy.

After all, recent test data show that Utah, one of the most conservative state, is a state that watched the most pornography. There is a reason for that.

My Opinion on the Benefit of Stem Cell Research

The thing is, no one really know. You have to understand how scientists get pay. They get pay when they discover new things. They are not like doctors or medical technicians who have a routine job. They get research grant to explore something new. After that is over, they must try to find another new thing or go starve.

So when the conservatives idiotically come in and say life was born since it being a stem cell, the scientist had to come up with a case of why to study it. But as far as I know, talking to people in the scientific community, they don’t even know what they are going to find.

So when Bush banned it, it was not a big deal for me. I don’t think there were any sick patients cursing Bush out because he thought stem cell research can save his life.  I was reminded of Michael J Fox by a friend who read my blog. Well, I think, and this is not at all researched thoroughly, just what I know from people (including my parents) within the science community, that there is only hope attached to it. Not a real definite stem cell = cure for Parkinson.  The truth is, nobody really know what the research will find. Stem cell research is just the “other thing we didn’t try”. But of course, if you are face with serious illness, wouldn’t you want to try anything? To say stem cell is murder is ridiculous.

But the worst sin this restriction does was destroying jobs.

So that’s where Obama comes in:  Jobs.

I don’t think Obama has any hidden agenda. Him, like every other normal thinking people, probably see nothing wrong with stem cell research. For him, since the Economy is now such a big issue, lifting the ban on the research will create jobs and become part of the bigger plan to fix this broken Economy. Create jobs and hopes for cure of deadly diseases that destroyed lives. Sounds good.


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