The Watchmen Walking Slowly

I just saw The Watchmen two nights ago.

It was such a big deal.

Watchmen is based on the “most celebrated comic of all time” of the same name. I never read it I just read it,and for what I can see, the movie done a pretty good job of bringing all the things that made the comic so great (and shocking) onto the screen.

So it was written by this guy name Alan Moore, who also wrote From Hell, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and V for Vendetta to name a few. But then you say, those movies suck. Well they do sucks, but the graphic novels were good (so I heard).  No surprise, Alan Moore never like the idea of his comic books turning into movies. This one included.

A Movie That is Unfilmable, No Support From Moore

Firstly, there are 12 issues of Watchmen, and people have strong feelings about it being turned into a film. They even called the comic “unfilmable”. But Zack Snyder, a director who directed Dawn of the Dead and 300, both great movies, decided to take a shot at it and swear to do it respectfully. He would make sure to copy almost the exact composition of each frame from the comic. Same technique he used for 300. Even then Alan Moore still said he doesn’t want to be involved and will most likely never see it.

So that’s the situation. But then Alan Moore used other people’s characters in his comic book too.  This holds very true for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  So in a way, he adapts those characters and reinterpret them the same way film makers tried to interpret his stories. Isn’t him being so disapproving of other people’s adaptation almost hypocritical?

Very interesting point. I just thought I brought that up. I have no comment on it.


I really hate Slow Motion

The writer and the film makers say they don’t have enough time to put everything in. Not surprised by that statement. But I was surprised to see so many slow motion walking and awkward sex scenes that I can really do without in the movie. I mean are those necessary? It’s all ready rated R. People who walked into that theater knows what sex looks like. I wasn’t impress and if there’s going to be a reason I won’t watch it again, it’s that. What is so cool about slowing things down anyway? They weren’t doing fast Kung Fu moves. The scene just have people walking to god knows where, slowly.

There were a lot of great design choices, both the costumes and atmosphere (different from the comic, definitely) and the new ending, although not quite as violent, is very respectable considering the subject matter. I will have to wait for DVD of it to see how much I am willing to stand another round of slow motion walking!


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