Rush Limbaugh: Conservative Messiah Complex

The Election After Math

I remember how I felt after Bush won the second election. Will we ever have another Democrat president? The entire country is Red! And there were so many studies come out, saying how Democrat never really won any election. Like, Clinton’s victory from the first Bush was because a third party was stealing votes from the Republican. etc  To sum up: there was no hope in sight.

Now, as Obama swifts the nation with his enormous popularity, it’s the Republican turn to feel lost.

The Republican Republican Democrat Democrat Cycle. Create War Create Debt, End War Fix Debt. Rinse and Repeat

They did not know what went wrong. Actually, I think they do, they just don’t want to acknowledge it because changing is not an option. So they can wait out Obama’s 8 years. Let him rescued them from this recession, and then after he finishes his second term, hope that the country is ready to have another Republican president to lower down the tax for the rich, cheat off small businesses, start a war to stimulate weapon industry, and finds more place to dig oil. You Dig?

But for now, there’s Rush Limbaugh, who is such a messiah that when RNC chairman Michael Steele criticized Limbaugh, Steele was the one who has to apologize. So, who is this Limbaugh anyway?

The Legacy of Rush Limbaugh

A college drop out radio personality, Limbaugh imitated Michael J Fox Parkinson symptoms, played a song called Barrack the Magic Negro, called soldiers who disagree with the war “phony soldiers”, and he wants Obama’s plan for the economy to fail, claiming that liberal wanted Iraq War to fail too.

I was never for even one moment happy when I heard more soldiers died in Iraq. I wanted the Iraq War to succeed. I couldn’t care less if Bush was going for his third term, when I saw Saddam statue fell down in Baghdad I was happy. And what I don’t know is, how can Limbaugh be happy if Obama fail? People are going to suffer! The economy is like this everyone will be on edge. The country will… Oh right, I forgot. To Limbaugh, caring about other people is thinking like a communist.

Conservative Is Important Part of a Two Party System

A country needs to have at least two-party system and a balance of conservative and liberal values. You can’t have one party having the upper hand all the time. If that’s the case then it’s not really a Democracy. Too much conservatives and the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer (Maria Maria). Too much liberals and there is really no drive to compete, something that is needed if you want your country to excel under capitalism.

Is it wrong to be a conservative? Is it wrong to want to rise to the top and drive out your competition? Is it wrong to want to preserve old values?  Is it that wrong to want to censor some things? Is it wrong to want to kill enemy soldiers and criminals? Do you have to want to give money to poor kids wanting to get free lunch and people who lose their jobs? I think there are rooms for people who think that way in our society.. It’s not a sin to be a selfish hypocrite.

Limbaugh is not a Conservative. He’s a Neo-Con Opportunist.

But there is nothing conservative about the Neo-Cons, or the NEW Republican. Conservative by definition is against the idea of big government and want to preserve “old values.” How is… lie about war, smear people who are against them, breaking international laws, ignore a group of people in need of help during disaster, appoint idiots with no credit to important positions in the government, and let oil companies destroy our natural resources and did what can equate to pretty much rob every singlecitizens at gun point to buy expensive gas… equal to preserving old values?

Rush was a neo-con opportunist who profit from Bush Administration’s policies that was both wrong and evil. He doesn’t have an opinion of his own. He just agrees with Bush, even after Bush retract, he refused to do the same.  His head is so thick he can sell a rotten fish with a straight face, and of course bunch of white guys in suit holding a rotten fish in their hands are going to love him. At least more than they love Michael “we better get a new fish” Steele.


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