Music Video and Trailers. Do Free Stuffs Hurt or Help the Entertainment Industry?

Warner Bro Took Down Opening Title for Watchmen

As a Motion Graphic  Designer, I enjoy nothing more than a good opening title to a tv show or a movie. The latest one that was a talk of the industry is the opening for Watchmen. But then, Warner Bro told all the websites that hosted it in Quick Time format to take it down.

The opening title to Watchmen was not bootlegged; it was part of a portfolio of the company that made it (that’s why it was in high definition Quick Time format). Can’t these guys showcase their hard work to the people in the industry? Sure it was a scene from the movie, but it was the title! To be quite frank, I think trailers these days ruin a lot more plot than the opening titles ever could.

Music Videos are Advertisements!

In a separate event but related,  you can no longer watch music video on Youtube outside of US, because Google (owner of Youtube) was unable to reach an agreement with recording industry in the UK.  The dispute is, they want Google to pay more than the previous time , claiming Youtube is becoming more and more popular. That sounds like something the Mafia would do. Like, oh your store is getting a lot more business, we better increase your security payment.

But why should Youtube pay?

Before Youtube, I have never seen music videos ever being sold separately at a store. They usually come as a freebie attached to another item.  The concert DVD may cost money, but those are not widely sold, and no they are not music videos. Why? Because they know it’s not going to sell well. It’s an advertisement!

I have friends who work in advertising agency. The goal is always be to spend as little money as possible and to reach as much audience as possible. With internet, they can reach audience more than over. But now they want to the audience to pay to watch their ad?

Even Movie Trailers! If that’s not an ad, I don’t know what is!

Movie Trailers used to get taken down too. Sure, trailers for Terminator Salvation and Transformers 2 are everywhere  now, but not long ago I remember having to race to watch Quantum of Solace trailer on Youtube before it gets taken down. God forbid, if it gets view in any other place other than the TV and the theater, people may want to see the movie way too much.


People who buy bootlegs movies are people who wouldn’t see that movie otherwise anyway.  I’m a director. I know. Sure we like money (we love money). But no directors make a movie and don’t want other people to see it. So if they are not going to see it in theater, they should see it somewhere else. Nobody that has the time, the money, and the will to go see a certain movie in the theater, ever decides to change their mind when they realized they can watch it on the internet through the eyes of a shaky camcorder.

TV Shows get hit the most

I’ll admit that TV Shows get hit the most because viewer ships are measured by Nielsen rating system, which I don’t think works in the first place.  I refused to believe there are less people watching The Simpsons than there are watching Navy NCIS. I watched both show. Hey, I can talk to people about the latest Simpsons, but I don’ t think half of my friends knows what the hell NCIS stands for.

LOST gets low ratings? When they measured viewership digitally through Tivo and also DVD sales, LOST and CSI Miami are always on top. Yes, of course people would likely download LOST instead of watching it on TV, because those who follow LOST are a bit on a geeky side. But the thing is, network xec should not care. LOST was aired, if nobody watched it by then… let them watch it for free. Because it’s a lot more likely that people will tune in for the next episode… if they knew what the heck went down an episode before.

The Audience Looks Like They Are Too Happy. How Come They Can’t Profit From That Happiness.

On the surface it looks like stealing. But in reality, it supports the industry as a whole and push it forward. There are good games, great songs, and great movies out there. And they are making big bucks. Every year end box office count keeps increasing exponentially, and so are the sales for music albums. The number of sales that classify an album as being a hit 20 years ago wouldn’t reach half the number of what would be considered a hit today.

How can you say the availability of free downloads changed things for the worst?


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