Pope vs Condom

Pope and Condom

Well the controversial holocaust denying homophobic ex-Nazi pope went to Africa, the continent that is worst affected by AIDS and say… condom is a sin.

But let me be the devil’s advocate (no irony intended). In the battle against AIDS aren’t we and the pope on the same side?

Neither of us wants AIDS to spread.

The thing is, his holiness the pope doesn’t want people to be having sex at all. We say you can have sex, just use condom. Nobody is on the side of “let’s have unprotected sex and spread AIDS”, that’s crazy. The anger is at the fact that we think that the pope’s expectation is unrealistic. But to be fair, isn’t his whole institution is based on something that is surreal?

And when the people who went on to have unprotected sex and passed on AIDS to others, if they are not going to use condom, it’s not going to be because he remembers the pope’s words and believe in it. If he is so hell-bent on obeying the pope, he won’t be having premarital sex in the first place.

Even if the pope changed his mind tomorrow and support condom, the numbers won’t change. It’s not fair for us to hold him accountable for people’s own negligence.

Telling him that he shouldn’t preach abstinent is, in my opinion, mocking his religion. It’s like being mad at Islam for not allow to eat pork. Catholic don’t allow premarital sex. There’s no way around it. And it’s always wrong to mock any religion.

I mean, really. We can make fun of abstinent preaching politicians. I think they are the worst kinds of assholes. But religious leader preaching abstinent is expected. You can disagree. You can even make fun. But being mad by it is very weird. I’m quite sure Dalai Lama’s stance on the issue will be the same.

The truth about condom: there’s a big reason why people wouldn’t want to use it. And for some weird reason, the condom campaign has consistently refuses to acknowledge this problem. So let’s cut the crap. Not using condom is not about being irresponsible, or about being careless. Condom hurts. It’s uncomfortable. Having sex with condom is like eating a fine expensive French dinner with your left arm tie to your back and the waiter stabs your shoulder with a fork every 3 seconds. It’s not pleasant.

And being pleasant is what sex is all about. If it isn’t enjoyable, there wouldn’t be so many useless junk in the market. Men will buy and sell anything they can to get laid. So does it make sense to convince people to use something that will ruin the one activity they are willing to go to the hell and back to accomplish?

You want people to use condom, tell them that the discomfort is worth the trouble. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Pope.


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