Gun Owners Are so Afraid of Obama, They Want to Commit Crimes While They Still Can

First, what’s with all the familicide in 2009?

  • Troy Ryan Bellar, May 04, 2009, killed his wife, two sons, and himself.
  • William Parente, April 19-20, 2009, killed his wife, two daughters, and himself.
  • Christopher Alan Wood, April 18, 2009, killed his wife (Francis Billotti-Wood), two sons, daughter, and himself.
  • Ervin Lupoe, January 26, 2009, killed his wife (Ana Lupoe), two sons, three daughters, and himself

Let me ask, where the hell do these people get the balls? Why don’t they just kill themselves? What’s with the “those people can’t live without me?” mentality that they have. Isn’t that kind of conceded? The phrase “I can’t live without you” supposed to be a complement.  I’m more than sure they could have survived without someone who would want to take an easy way out and not face the problem.

And the media blame all these murder suicide and other shootings on the economy.  Yes, the economic recession, the one that Bush claimed Clinton started yet he sat on it for 8 years, and spend the last two years of his presidency telling everybody the economy is fine, there’s no recession, there’s no recession, there’s no recession.

The Gun Nuts Are Afraid of Obama

There was a post on Americablog a  couple of months ago where a gun instructor asked which of his students voted for Obama. The people who raised their hands were kicked out of the class. Now the whole thing is retarded of course, but let examine what the guy think Obama is going to do. And whatever he thought, many people agreed

The gun sales sky rocketed. 65% more buyers. And what’s funny is, these people argument in favor of gun is that it ist there to prevent crime. This of course is supported by the fact that the number of shooting spree ALSO increase exponentially.

And you know, the gun buyers said they wanted to buy guns to protect themselves from criminals with guns. Wow. So, as the home owner and the invaders are trying to kill each other in a shoot out, at least both side can find comfort in knowing that neither voted for Obama.


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