Torture Ended

The following statement was posted by a guy who is in favor of torture.

He asked, “What if the relatives of those who are against torture got kidnapped, and no matter how much we interrogated the culprit he just wouldn’t talk. What will we do then? Huh? Huh?”

Here’s what people have to understand. The rules that said “we don’t torture” is there not because we don’t like torturing people. On a contrary, we would love to torture. I would love to torture. But there are reasons why we have to be against it. Two reasons actually.

1) Torture does not work

2) When our troops get captured, we do not want them to get tor…… wait, let’s go back to the first one.

Torture does not work

Let’s type that again: Torture does not work.

Let’s type it 3 times in a roll. Torture does not work. Torture does not work. TORTURE DOES NOT WORK

Last time in bold, torture does not work.

It has been proven in reports after reports that torture does not work. So now lets go back to the what-if scenarios. Let say my family members, god forbid, did get kidnapped. And the guy won’t talk. Tell me, how is getting “wrong” information out of him going to help me get my family back?

And there’s no bigger proof than the Gitmo report for why torture does not work. Every single reliable intel come from the detainees prior to being tortured. So torture, something that is being press forward by the Bush administration as necessary (although they won’t admit it, they claimed they didn’t torture, they waterboarded) … did not work. Which satisfy the reason number one as to why we don’t torture. IT DOES NOT WORK.

Sure, it worked on 24 and Alias. But those are TV Shows. In real life the end does not justify the means because there is no END. It does not work. If it worked, we would do it.

Releasing the information now will make the country less safe.

No shit Sherlock! So don’t freaking do them next time. Why would you do something that a) does not work  and b) make the country less safe when people found out about it. And don’t even act like the anti-torture people were the ones who took the pictures. For some sadistic reason or whatever, the torturers were the ones who took the picture themselves.

Desperate time calls for desperate measures.

I think Jon Stewart of The Daily Show said it best.  I can understand using unconventional means to get results during desperate times. But then US military (who are short on people by the way) fired 26 gay linguists.  So I guess the situation is not THAT desperate. Or desperate enough for torture, but not enough to be able to tolerate “the gays”.  No matter how many times you interrogate the detainees, it won’t mean a damn thing if you can’t understand their confession.


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