And Now, Back to Middle East

After Obama adding more troops to Afghanistan, earthquake happening in Chlie and Haiti, and Health Care reform going through its final phase back at home; Israel and Palestinians were worried that the world are not paying attention to their 4 decades long feud anymore. Tiger Wood sex scandals and Lady Gaga’s new music video don’t help the situation.

Well, surprise! Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were both caught off guard when they found out that Israel doesn’t really put peace with Palestinians.  The only thing funnier is that Israel is surprised that Obama Administration is comdemning their dick move. I mean, when do these people get so cocky that they don’t think they don’t have to wear the mask of victims anymore?

Just like Bush Administration who called their attacker unpatriotic traitors, AIPAC are more than ready to called Obama Administration anti-semetic and condemn his condemnation; not looking at themselves at all and realize what an assholes their decision to built housing in the disputed region is. And their excuse is that, oh, this little plans of theirs, it will go up for a vote. I mean, no matter how much it disrupt the peace process as long as it’s democracy America will be okay with it right? Just like when Californian vote for Prop8! Here’s a thing. When the issue is regarding human and civil rights? MAJORITY OPINION DOESN’T MATTER! If we go by majority opinion segregation may never get lifted. Flavor Flav would be dead by now since everyone seems to want to kill him.
I’m not saying Israel doesn’t want peace. I’m saying a bunch of old geezer from Cold War generation who are running Israel doesn’t want peace. And the old geezers on the Palestinian side who are sending young Palestinians to die and brainwash them with BS cartoons don’t want peace either. How do I know? These jackasses from that particular generation exist everywhere. In the US, I’m sure in Africa, in South America, in Europe, and even in my country. Right now Bangkok, Thailand is underseige by anti-government protestors. And the protestors are driven by people from that generation: the instigators of every major conflict in the country who are just simply refusing to die!

These old mofo’s don’t want peace. War is their job. They don’t have battle scars because they know how to avoid battle. How do you think they survive to be that old? They literally step on the graves of others to survive. Obama, someone who is not from that generation will never understand. May be that’s a good thing we didn’t get John McCain.
People from that generation are racist, homophobic, war-loving, close minded bigots. My parents are that way too (my friends who are reading this, I’m a 3rd son of the family and my parents are slightly older than your parents). But then you say well what about all the liberal old folks. There are some out there. Those guys I believe are very honorable. Because I bet that when they come out to fight for the rights of minorities and people with different sexual orientation, in their heart they are not really agreeing with themselves.

I mean, one of the nicest guy from that generation is Harry Reid. And what did we just found out he called Obama during the campaign?


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