The Kid Was Problaby Thinking: “Heh heh. Isn’t me being racist funny?” Too bad the answer is NO

There are two things you have to know about me. First, as an artist I think censorship of any form is never okay. Two, I think racism is one of the worst, if the not THE worst thing in the world.

At a Wal-Mart in New Jersey, while people were shopping and go about their day, a voice came on that said “All Black People Leave the Store Now”. Of course this pissed off a lot of people. They were offended; some were crying. What upset me then was that they didn’t find out who did it right away. Do Wal-Mart have no control over who speaks at their intercom? Well today we found out; it was a 16 year old kid who apparently thought racism is funny.

Racism is so not funny, even Eminem wouldn’t dare use the “N” word. Think about that.

If you are not a casual net surfer, and you have dug deep into various sites and message boards, especially those filled with teenagers and college nerds (let’s face it, we are all college nerds now) it’s almost impossible to not have come across some racism and sexism content. Racism, sexism, and homophobia are making a big comeback due to the anonymity of the internet.

Nobody said anything because, one, the person who write/say those things can never be tracked down; acting offended will only make the matters worst. Two, I don’t think these people are really racist or sexist; they are just attention whores. So we, as part of internet community, let it pass. We never think there would be anybody dumb enough to carry that kind of attention seeking stupidity onto the real world.

Apparently this 16 year old kid is dumb enough.

And don’t even get me started on how this is just a prank. Racism is not like putting a bag of dog poo in front of a house and lit it on fire. Racism and homophobia terrorizes people. It make them feel not safe in the city they have been living in their entire lives. It makes them fear for their family, and in some case ashamed of their entire existence. The people inside that store suffered some real trauma because of this ‘prank’. I

I’ll bet the kid didn’t think it was a going to be a big deal (or may be he really is a racist, who knows). He certainly is a stupid jerk, and he does deserve 1 year in prison that he is up for. If the guy is not 16 but instead a 30 something, people could have stomped him to death and I wouldn’t mind. But I think he’s just a victim of this new culture where we try to push the boundaries of what we can do or say, just for the sake of offending people, and not actually trying to say what we really mean.

I hope he doesn’t get the maximum sentence. I’m just glad that we as a society still think racism is unacceptable. But we don’t need to hang him as an example. A human being’s entire future is at stake here.


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