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The Car Companies – They Have It Coming

For a lot of people, (including me) it looked as if Obama is bullying the auto makers.

But before we go there, I want to talk about my personal feeling towards the “car issues”.  And this feeling of mine exist long before the financial crisis ever got into full swing.

Each month an American family buy approximately 4 or 5 DVDs, 2 or 3 books and CDs,  and probably 10 set of new clothes. So it doesn’t make any sense to me that on TV no matter what channel, there are more car commercials than commercials for DVD, books, video games, and music COMBINED. Who are these people that buy 4 or 5 cars every month? Most people I know who are in their 40’s and 50’s have owned only 2-3 cars in their lifetime.

There are way too many cars in this country

I used to live DC Metro Area. There was an HOV2 lane on 270. HOV2 lanes mean that any vehicle with more than 2 passengers is allowed to use it. You know, to speed up the traffic. The HOV2 lane, ladies and gentlemen, is always EMPTY!

That means that every car that is clogging up the other 4 lanes of the highway are all one car per person. That’s insane! People! You can’t have 1 car per 1 person. That’s just not possible. There’s barely room enough for human being on foot. We can’t make room for millions on car. There are 2 millions people in Virginia over driving age. What if all of them have cars?

BUT THEN! You say. If they want cars, how can anyone tell them not to get a car? Who are we to tell them not to buy a car? The answer is very easy.

Everybody who want big screen TV,  PS3, and super fast computer can get what they want, if they have the means to pay for it. That’s what should stop them, MONEY. Problem with the car industry? People who can’t afford to buy cars are still driving cars. That is insane. That destroyed the entire idea of Capitalism. People with bad credits are taking out loans on their cars just like people do with houses, and the insurance companies just can’t freaking handle the weight anymore.

When there are more cars, unpaid for too by the way, cities that are out of expansion room (because they are islands) like DC and Manhattan are packed with traffic. Urban areas keep expanding. More trees get cut off and more parking lot built. Oil price getting higher and higher. And when all these happened, the car companies just can’t seem to understand the problem. They were like: “We don’t have a clue. We thought our sales number are just going to go up and up and up. I thought people would buy cars forever.” They don’t have a clue.

Well, Obama is not going to take “don’t have a clue” for an answer.

Of course GM and Chrysler’s reports aren’t going to satisfy Obama administration. They live in a fantasy world. They said “people love cars and we love selling them”. Somebody please tell them that car is not like shirts and hats where you can buy many of them, store them in your closet, and used each one for the different day of the week. Car is not like that. Nobody drive Audi on Monday and drive Chevy on Tuesday.

But believe it or not, their motto was, as long as we build cars there will be people who are going to buy them. Are they going to pretend that people with worse and worse credit are able to get their hands on cars and then… oh I don’t know, pay on time?

The car companies could have given Obama a crayon drawing of the unicorn in place of their forecast. And this looks bad for Obama, having his people going in there and tell them how to run the proper company and force them to let go of unprofitable department.  But he is doing it to show that he’s not just going to abandon the companies outright, even if it means he will look like a big government posing socialist policy onto a great American company. He’s not. He’s being way too nice.

What Obama threatened the auto-makers with, I would just do it without giving them a chance. Having them running around trying to reorganize themselves knowing that it is impossible is just too damn cruel.


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Responsibility and Accountability IS NOT Socialism

I think the Conservatives, specifically the Bankers who asked for billions in bail out money but then reward themselves billions of dollars in bonuses and party with champaign and private jets after laying off millions of workers… are really pissed off at Obama. When asked by reporters on the street who are stressful over Obama (wait wait, let me laugh first. Ah ha ha ha ha) they scornfully tell the reporters with a face that looks like they get caught with their pants down “this is socialism”

It’s not Socialism. The same way just being selfish and greedy doesn’t automatically makes you a capitalist. Just an opportunist whose luck has runs out.

If You Don’t Want Government to Have A Say In How You Spend Money, Then Don’t Take Money From Them

Even in the most capitalist state, you don’t borrow money from someone without making a case, how you are going to spend it, and how you are going to pay it back. Wanting to know how you will spend it, and criticizing you for not spending it unwisely (and in a very ugly way) is not Socialism. It’ s Common Sense.

I think what the conservatives are thinking is: it’s either we can monopolize and run our competitors out of business while we make billions and billions of dollars or we are communist handing out freebies to neighbors under the watchful eyes of government.

Capitalism Will Fail If The People Keep Abusing  It

These people don’t understand middle ground. They don’t even know the meaning of the word “enough”.

They don’t understand the idea that giving to receive. I used to think like that. I think everyone should be charitable, but the government shouldn’t force you to be. But seeing how greedy these oil execs and these bankers are… I mean the people who come up with capitalist understand the healthiness of the competition but really underestimate people’s selfishness.

You can’t force selflessness on anyone, but we can’t let them run our country to the ground either. We are not communist or socialist. We don’t need them to work for the commonwealth. But if these church going so-called conservative values sons of bitches can’t even understand the idea that their own employees are starving and their neighbors have to pretty much look under their mattress for coins to buy food… while they are drinking champagne. I mean, this whole thing is unprecedented.

Everything that I thought I knew back when I was in school is all gone. I know capitalism will bring out the selfishness in people, and I know that it will be A LOT, but not this much. I hate communism and love democracy and capitalism. But these guys sure know how to abuse the hell out of the system.

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