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The Parable of Zeus vs Odin: AKA, The Tea Party Protesters vs Obama

Now I hope most people know the deal with the Democrats’ tax policy. To simplify it to the point of it being dangerously inaccurate, Democrat will tax the hell out of you if you make more than 200,000 a year. Now that sounds unfair, right? Why is the Democrat party punishing the rich? Is it a sin for a hard working American to succeed? Isn’t Capitalism supposed to reward those that are up top?

First, you have to ask yourself this: As an average American, unless you are driving for one, how often do meet someone who makes more than 200,000 a year? Think about that before you answer. If you go to a party and you meet someone who told you he made $5,000 a month, your have to ask… dude, what do you do for a living? The national median total salary for a single American household is 3,600 a month. Hell, a lot of people I know make 1,500. Do you know how much do you have to make per month to make 200,000 a year? 16,666 dollars a month! At least. What occupation gives you that kind of salary?

If I make more than 16,000 a month, and I vote Democrat (which, I probably would), people would then have the right to call me an idiot. “Hey Panasit, Obama is turning your 16,000 monthly salary and turned it into 8,000! And you are still going to reelect him? Are you insane? Do you have a crush on the guy? Do you want to suck his dick?”

Well, that’s a story for another post. The point of this post is, what is going on with the tea party protesters is unnatural. It goes against the cycle! The cycle that makes American Democracy work! What is the cycle? Well let me explain.

The Republican and Democrat cycle should go like this. At least in my humble opinion. when the country is filled with poor people and there are few wealthy people flaunting their money around (kind of like now), it’s natural for the poors to elect the party that is good to them, the Democrat. Then the Democrat will tax the rich and be kind to the poor until there is a healthy chunk of middle class American. These middle class people suddenly has amnesia and forgot what it was like to be poor 4 years ago. So now they are looking at Democrat plans and go “why do I have to pay for some immigrant kids’ free lunches?”. So them and their selfish cold patriotic heart rightfully vote for Republican congressmen and presidents. And when Republican cut tax, ease bank regulation, and start a war; the cycle starts over.

But do you know that the Tea Party protesters are going against the cycle? It’s because the Tea Party protesting FOR the rich. These are poor people, fighting for the right of the rich. I think the biggest tragedy is that they don’t even realize it. There is no way the tea party protesters can make 16,000 a month. They don’t even look like they know how to spell ‘cantaloupe’. So Obama tax is not effecting them (kind of like how Bush tax cut didn’t really effect them,lol). But they think that it does. And nobody is correcting them. Not even the Democrat.

THE PARABLE OF ZEUS vs ODIN:Let’s pretend that America is a jungle and think of rich people as lions, and poor people as deers. Obviously there has to be more deers than there are lions. With less deers, lions would be starving very soon. It’s a simple concept but if a tea party protester is reading this… well, take your time, nobody is perfect.

Then suddenly, two gods come down. Zeus and Odin. They are really same person, but let say they are different. They are running for election, and the animals have to pick one.

Zeus policy favors the deer: Zeus is telling the lions that they are allow to kill and eat only the sickly deer, the dying deer, the old weak and useless deer. And they can’t hunt every day.

Odin policy favors the lion: Odin says that it is the lion’s right to eat whatever deer they want to. They should be able to eat the strong deer, the fat deer, and especially fawns. And they should hunt as often as they want. Why not? They are the king of the jungle.

The tea party protesters, and why they are so unnatural, is because I see them as this. They are a group of deers who turn to Zeus and said the following: “Zeus, how can you be so unfair to the lion. I’m going to vote for Odin!”

– Panasit


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All about the AIG Bonuses

AIG execs are like the people who cut trees along the beltway way during morning rush hour. Of course those tree-trimmers are not evil. It’s just that their job is making everybody else’s life a living hell. So there is a choice. Ignore other people’s plight, say “I’m just doing my own thing, don’t like it, too bad for you”, or be nice.

So why do those tree guys still work during rush hour and why do AIG refused to let go off of their bonuses?

Is there room for niceness in Capitalism?

No government can force its citizens to be nice. But is it important? There’s never a rule. What happen to a business person being called Sharks, and Cut Throat? Isn’t that cool and badass? That is why AIG is so dumbfounded. Why are people unable to tolerate their thick face selfishness all of the sudden? It’s business and it’s America. Why should I be nice?

Actually, niceness is a foundation of success for any group consists of two or more human beings.. You shouldn’t care about others’ opinion so much that you can’t be yourself. But without support, how can anyone do anything other than masturbate?

Never mind the marketing stuff you learn in Business school. Before they teach you how to count, catch a ball, and even the alphabet; the first thing adult teach you right after you started crawling and grabbing thing is to be NICE.

Niceness works in your favor in a classroom, on a bus, on your date, at your office, in congress, in Hollywood, and I am pretty sure it will be just as helpful on Wall Street.

Why is niceness important in Capitalism? Isn’t the system designed so that it would work best when a company wants to crush its competitors?

AIG is not cheating the competitors. They are cheating the PEOPLE.

The people who make AIG what they are. The people who suffer are the clients, the employees, and the government. Even if the economy magically come back into full swing tomorrow, AIG still can’t deny the fact that they are like the guy who take 4 slices of pizza and put it on his own plate, eat it in the middle of the living room, then wonder why all the other guests at the party were frowning.

Their Excuse is… They earned it

Their argument for taking billions in bonuses, bless their heart, is that the money is owed to them. What they deserve. Yet they failed to realize that the entire country is suffering. There’s a woman who make “myhusbandneedsajob.com” website. That’s how bad it gets.

Think about this way. Your aunt promised you that if you get a B, she will buy you a Playstation. You got that B, but then would you go and ask for that Playstation a few minutes right after her house just burned down.

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Cable News War: Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, the only remaining news program that I still “watch”, has gotten into a war with words with CNBC’s stock analyst Jim Cramer. The whole thing didn’t start with Stewart mocking Cramer out of nowhere. It actually started with a guy name Rick Santelli.

It all began with “Losers Home Owners”

Santelli is angry at President Barack Obama for giving part of the bail out money to the “losers home owners”. He said “this is America, no one wants to pay for their neighbors’ mortgage”.

To be fair, Rick, we don’t want to pay billions for banks that keep giving out loans to unqualified home owners either, but we have to do that now don’t we? For what? Oh for the good of the country. I guess even that action can also be considered as socialist-like.  Selfishness is not synonymous with Capitalism, as much as you want that to be the case so you can justify your greed.

“Winner Home Owners” don’t watch CNBC

To counter the attack on Obama, Jon Stewart attacked CNBC claiming that their wrong advices may have something to do with people losing money and not able to pay for their houses. And Stewart pretty much mocked everyone from that network in order to prove a point to Santelli, that NO ONE SAW IT COMING.  Anyway, Cramer was among those  mocked. I don’t know if Santelli gets it or not, but Jim Cramer definitely did not get it.

Jim Cramer got personal

What Jim Cramer didn’t get is that if you are going to start a verbal argument with someone in-say, a classroom, you are better off taunting jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, goths, neo-Hippies, or even the teacher. But if you are sensitive to other people’s words, don’t start a fight with a class clown. No matter how great you think your comment will be, an experienced class clown can make fun of you 10 times better and makes you feel 10 times worse.

UPDATE: Cramer went on the Daily Show March 12th 2009

A credit has to be given to Cramer, the man is not afraid of the camera. He went on so many shows after the incident, including Martha Stewart. I think despite the overall opinion that Stewart “won” the interview on The Daily Show, the whole  thing seems to be harder on him than on Cramer. Before the end of the episode, Stewart remarked: “I hope that was as uncomfortable to watch, as it was to do”. Yeah, no kidding.

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Republicans Desperately Hide Their Love for Obama

Bi-Partisanship Is Not For Someone Who Wants to Be Future President

This is not even a rumor. Republican senators and governors (especially the governors)  all wanted Obama’s Stimulus Bill to pass.  Well to be more specific, pass without them.

Here is Arlan Specter, a GOP senator who voted for the stimulus (one of the only three):

“When I came back to the cloak room after coming to the agreement a week ago today, one of my colleagues said, ‘Arlen, I’m proud of you.’ My Republican colleague said, ‘Arlen, I’m proud of you.’ I said, ‘Are you going to vote with me?’ And he said, ‘No, I might have a primary.’ And I said, ‘Well, you know very well I’m going to have a primary.’ “I think there are a lot of people in the Republican caucus who are glad to see this action taken without their fingerprints, without their participation.

(When asked how many of his Republican colleagues really supported the bill:)
“I think a sizable number. I think a good part of the caucus agrees with the person I quoted, but I wouldn’t want to begin to speculate on numbers.”

“Have a Primary” means, when they are fighting to become a president of the United States in the future, they don’t want to have a history of helping a Democrat President. Even more embarrassing, later that week GOP members of the congress could be seen wanting Obama to sign their autographs. And yet, they don’t even have the guts to help him fix the country.

I don’t see how they can twist their way around should they ever run for office. They know what the right decision was, but doesn’t have the guts to vote for it. It’s kind of funny. Democrat faced similar sitaution when they had to vote for the Iraq War. However, in that situation, they didn’t have the guts to not vote on something they know was wrong. Now the GOP guys show that they don’t have the guts to vote on what they knew was right. It doesn’t even matter if the Stimulus won’t work. The thing is, they thought it would. But still wouldn’ thelp.

This will come back to bite them in the ass.

Why I Love Obama Even Though Originally  I Wanted Hillary to Win.

Thing is, I never thought a president like this can exist. He’s like my dream president. I cheered for Hillary to beat this guy. I didn’t believe what he said before, and I thought even if he meant to accomplish all those things he will be stopped by his own advisers long before he even think about trying to change things. I mean there are rules in DC. There were the way things work and you either understand them or have to get out of town. There were the lobbyist and the interest groups at every corner of the road. If you don’t play the game their way, you can’t get things done. But if you want to be in the game, you can’t be too idealistic.

Obama just said to hell with the game.

He changed everything. Not just the obvious things we liberal has been asking for. But even more than that. He take on the banks, he takes on the past administration, he took on everyone. He doesn’t seem to care about re-election, he doesn’t care how he’s going to be remembered. He doesn’t care about the people who called him communist and cheer for him to fail. He just do it. The things that are good for the American people. There was a period between after he was elected before he sworn in, a lot of people came out and say “don’t get your hopes up on Obama. He may not be as good as we think” I think he all ready exceeds all my expectation.

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