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The Parable of Zeus vs Odin: AKA, The Tea Party Protesters vs Obama

Now I hope most people know the deal with the Democrats’ tax policy. To simplify it to the point of it being dangerously inaccurate, Democrat will tax the hell out of you if you make more than 200,000 a year. Now that sounds unfair, right? Why is the Democrat party punishing the rich? Is it a sin for a hard working American to succeed? Isn’t Capitalism supposed to reward those that are up top?

First, you have to ask yourself this: As an average American, unless you are driving for one, how often do meet someone who makes more than 200,000 a year? Think about that before you answer. If you go to a party and you meet someone who told you he made $5,000 a month, your have to ask… dude, what do you do for a living? The national median total salary for a single American household is 3,600 a month. Hell, a lot of people I know make 1,500. Do you know how much do you have to make per month to make 200,000 a year? 16,666 dollars a month! At least. What occupation gives you that kind of salary?

If I make more than 16,000 a month, and I vote Democrat (which, I probably would), people would then have the right to call me an idiot. “Hey Panasit, Obama is turning your 16,000 monthly salary and turned it into 8,000! And you are still going to reelect him? Are you insane? Do you have a crush on the guy? Do you want to suck his dick?”

Well, that’s a story for another post. The point of this post is, what is going on with the tea party protesters is unnatural. It goes against the cycle! The cycle that makes American Democracy work! What is the cycle? Well let me explain.

The Republican and Democrat cycle should go like this. At least in my humble opinion. when the country is filled with poor people and there are few wealthy people flaunting their money around (kind of like now), it’s natural for the poors to elect the party that is good to them, the Democrat. Then the Democrat will tax the rich and be kind to the poor until there is a healthy chunk of middle class American. These middle class people suddenly has amnesia and forgot what it was like to be poor 4 years ago. So now they are looking at Democrat plans and go “why do I have to pay for some immigrant kids’ free lunches?”. So them and their selfish cold patriotic heart rightfully vote for Republican congressmen and presidents. And when Republican cut tax, ease bank regulation, and start a war; the cycle starts over.

But do you know that the Tea Party protesters are going against the cycle? It’s because the Tea Party protesting FOR the rich. These are poor people, fighting for the right of the rich. I think the biggest tragedy is that they don’t even realize it. There is no way the tea party protesters can make 16,000 a month. They don’t even look like they know how to spell ‘cantaloupe’. So Obama tax is not effecting them (kind of like how Bush tax cut didn’t really effect them,lol). But they think that it does. And nobody is correcting them. Not even the Democrat.

THE PARABLE OF ZEUS vs ODIN:Let’s pretend that America is a jungle and think of rich people as lions, and poor people as deers. Obviously there has to be more deers than there are lions. With less deers, lions would be starving very soon. It’s a simple concept but if a tea party protester is reading this… well, take your time, nobody is perfect.

Then suddenly, two gods come down. Zeus and Odin. They are really same person, but let say they are different. They are running for election, and the animals have to pick one.

Zeus policy favors the deer: Zeus is telling the lions that they are allow to kill and eat only the sickly deer, the dying deer, the old weak and useless deer. And they can’t hunt every day.

Odin policy favors the lion: Odin says that it is the lion’s right to eat whatever deer they want to. They should be able to eat the strong deer, the fat deer, and especially fawns. And they should hunt as often as they want. Why not? They are the king of the jungle.

The tea party protesters, and why they are so unnatural, is because I see them as this. They are a group of deers who turn to Zeus and said the following: “Zeus, how can you be so unfair to the lion. I’m going to vote for Odin!”

– Panasit


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Pope vs Condom

Pope and Condom

Well the controversial holocaust denying homophobic ex-Nazi pope went to Africa, the continent that is worst affected by AIDS and say… condom is a sin.

But let me be the devil’s advocate (no irony intended). In the battle against AIDS aren’t we and the pope on the same side?

Neither of us wants AIDS to spread.

The thing is, his holiness the pope doesn’t want people to be having sex at all. We say you can have sex, just use condom. Nobody is on the side of “let’s have unprotected sex and spread AIDS”, that’s crazy. The anger is at the fact that we think that the pope’s expectation is unrealistic. But to be fair, isn’t his whole institution is based on something that is surreal?

And when the people who went on to have unprotected sex and passed on AIDS to others, if they are not going to use condom, it’s not going to be because he remembers the pope’s words and believe in it. If he is so hell-bent on obeying the pope, he won’t be having premarital sex in the first place.

Even if the pope changed his mind tomorrow and support condom, the numbers won’t change. It’s not fair for us to hold him accountable for people’s own negligence.

Telling him that he shouldn’t preach abstinent is, in my opinion, mocking his religion. It’s like being mad at Islam for not allow to eat pork. Catholic don’t allow premarital sex. There’s no way around it. And it’s always wrong to mock any religion.

I mean, really. We can make fun of abstinent preaching politicians. I think they are the worst kinds of assholes. But religious leader preaching abstinent is expected. You can disagree. You can even make fun. But being mad by it is very weird. I’m quite sure Dalai Lama’s stance on the issue will be the same.

The truth about condom: there’s a big reason why people wouldn’t want to use it. And for some weird reason, the condom campaign has consistently refuses to acknowledge this problem. So let’s cut the crap. Not using condom is not about being irresponsible, or about being careless. Condom hurts. It’s uncomfortable. Having sex with condom is like eating a fine expensive French dinner with your left arm tie to your back and the waiter stabs your shoulder with a fork every 3 seconds. It’s not pleasant.

And being pleasant is what sex is all about. If it isn’t enjoyable, there wouldn’t be so many useless junk in the market. Men will buy and sell anything they can to get laid. So does it make sense to convince people to use something that will ruin the one activity they are willing to go to the hell and back to accomplish?

You want people to use condom, tell them that the discomfort is worth the trouble. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Pope.

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The Watermelon Mayor Resigns

First, there was that awful monkey cartoon (for which Murdoch stupidly took full responsibility for) then there’s the Watermelon email.

From Associated Press: The mayor of Los Alamitos is coming under fire for an e-mail he sent out that depicts the White House lawn planted with watermelons, under the title “No Easter egg hunt this year.

Local businesswoman and city volunteer Keyanus Price, who is black, said Tuesday she received the e-mail from Mayor Dean Grose’s personal account on Sunday and wants a public apology.

“I have had plenty of my share of chicken and watermelon and all those kinds of jokes,” Price told The Associated Press. “I honestly don’t even understand where he was coming from, sending this to me. As a black person receiving something like this from the city-freakin’-mayor – come on.”

And so, he resigned. Good riddance.

This is a Sign of Desperation

I think Bush administration time help brings out these racist homophobic sexist religious fundamentalist bigots in our country who were hiding in their holes and caves back when Clinton was in office. Now when it’s cool to be not be politically correct again, thanks to Fox News pundits, they had absolute ball.

But now, Bush is gone, most of them have the sense to run back into their holes again. Some of them just didn’t run fast enough or they are too much of an idiot to realized that their time in daylight is over.

Just imagine a bunch of rats running away from the rain back into the sewer. This is just one of those few retarded rats that stayed behind.

Where Have Guys Like These Been Hiding? Are They Always Here?


Problem is, racists like this moron are everywhere. Hiding. People who are not minority may not realized it, it is okay. It’s good that the media hide their existence to show that their views are not acceptable. BUT, that is not reality. Even in DC and Manhattan.

They may not be dumb enough to write a big N word on a wall, but they discriminate in other ways. When they approve housing, when they are hiring, etc. And unlike this particular circumstances, no one will ever know.

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